About Us

LAI Outdoor Sports

LAI Outdoor Sports, a division of Lion Aerospace International Corp (LAI) that was established to provide quality products for the outdoor enthusiast such as training ammo, high-end camping & hiking gear, and high-end watersports gear.  LAI Outdoor Sports can also provide military/law enforcement personal protection and survival gear.

We’ll help you find your way

LAI Outdoor Sports is a supplier of ammunition. Our mission is to provide law enforcement, security companies, instructors, and civilians with a steady, high volume supply of training and purpose ammunition. We do not impose buying limits. Rather, we learn the shooting habits of our clients and prepare to meet their ammunition needs.

In order to provide personal attention to detail and maintain low overhead, we do not maintain a physical storefront. To schedule a private appointment for purchases, please call us at 850-607-2552.

WE SHIP! We value our loyal clients across the country and regularly ship ammunition direct.

Ammunition Investment

The greatly increased demand for ammunition, in-store limits on purchases, and fluctuating prices can create problems for corporations, law enforcement, instructors and enthusiasts who rely on a steady supply for training and security.

LAI Outdoor Sports has contracted with a large U.S. manufacturer to provide a match grade quality, re-manufactured ammunition that is clean and precise … accuracy is up to the shooter!  Security companies, law enforcement agencies, instructors, and consumers now have the ability to obtain a steady supply of ammunition at reasonable prices.


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